Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bryony's Book

The book for Week 9 is Bryony's Book. The definition for bryony "is any Old World vine or climbing plant belonging to the genus Bryonia" ( For me Bryony is a friend. One who makes everyone who knows her feel good.. who is sunshine and kindness and giggles even on the worst of days. We all should have someone like that in our lives, right?

I made the book for week 9 over a series of weeks... It has a painted fabric cover with a ring of chain stitches and a chevron of longstitches as the binding, and a paperbutton clasp and red macrame cord... The paperbutton is a photograph of my friend Bryony and her lovely smile. The papers inside are blank.. so far.. but the mouldmade Italian Magnani velata paper is creamy and lovely to feel. It's my favorite paper! I've included some of my marbled papers to separate the sections.. how can anyone not love marbled paper! 

So why this book on this week? This week marked the occurrence of our Leap Year... I didn't realize February 29 was happening.. that it's a Leap Year!.. and on Wednesday when I realized it.. thought of all those folks who get to celebrate their REAL birthday for a change.. and for the rest of us, the FULLNESS of this year, with the extra day and all... and in a way, every day can be that extra day.. the one we can make beautiful and happy and full of smiles (even when things aren't really all that great) like my friend Bryony makes all her friends feel. 

So, enjoy your coming year in all its FULLNESS.. and may you feel like you always have an extra day of good things to fill in for the others.


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