Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's in a Name?

The book for week 10 of the Book-A-Week challenge is called What's in a Name? It's one of my FAVORITE book structures.. its a two-signature pamphlet book with a pencil holder pop-out AND a folded card case for holding business cards and charge cards and stuff like that... I LOVE THAT BOOK! I love having that pencil holder pop-out to whip out your pencil when the need arises! So efficient!

Inside the book is the folded card case and a couple of cards sticking out for you to see...

And the note pages have signature covers of natural dyed paper and button closures.. just to keep those notes extra private... hummmm.

I carry my own card case and note book everywhere. It's full of addresses, names, phone numbers, grocery lists, and anything that comes up when I'm out and need to remember something. So when I meet someone who gives me their busisness card, I have just the place for it.. and a place for my stash of business cards to give out.

What's in a Name? I think there is A LOT in a name...the stories of how people got their names, and the untold stories of how those names affected those people... folklore of name meanings, and family connections based on names.. firsts (Srs.) and seconds (Jrs), thirds (IIIs) and even fourths (IVs).. I knew of a fourth, (his real name was Ben) who's family called him Ivy.. get it? And there are times when names get changed.. so do the people change too? What's in a name? So much!


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