Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 8: Book of Lists

   In an earlier post (December 29, 2011) I mentioned The Pillow Book, a journal of sorts written by Sei Shōnagona who was lady-in-waiting for the Japanese Empress Teishi around 1001 AD. In addition to poetry, sketches, and musings, her book had over 60 lists. I'm a list writer.. a box checker off-er, a person who likes to put things in groups...  to look for a pattern... So, I've wanted to print a series of books for making lists. This is just the first of many variations that are on my list.

Cover of the Book of Lists

   The book for Week 8 is Book of Lists. I marbled the Japanese paper using suminagashi (marbling with inks that float on water). Then I letterpress printed the pages on a beautiful Vandercook press at my friend Lisa's studio, Common Life Press.
   The font is CHELTENHAM OLDSTYLE, 18pt and the border is an antique border ornament she had on hand. The binding is the Japanese Kangxi binding with the Hemp Leaf variation added.
Title Page

List of Wishes...

Printing again was a joy, and I have plans to print for the rest of the coming week while I am here in the mountains. I have a LIST of things I want to accomplish. Below are some photos of the Common Life Press studio and the Vandercook press I use. 
The Vandercook Press
The type cases
Out the Studio window towards Burnsville, NC
Dog model and studio partner, Tilly

What lists would you make?


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