Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Circus

When the circus comes to town, it's magic.  The animals, the acrobats, the clowns... it's a visual spectacle of the imagination.. all the wonderment of a magical dream world.. and it never gets old for me. The book I've made for Week 11 is based on a box of animal crackers.. those fun boxes with a string tied on like a little pocketbook, full of adorable animal cookies. Once, these fun cookies were in every grocery store, in their cute little box with the ribbon handle. Now, they aren't so common. Once I found the old fashioned cookies, I bought a half dozen boxes.. I've been eating them ever since...in order to empty the boxes for the books I make from them. Believe that? 

So what is your favorite part about the circus? The clowns, the elephants? the acrobats? the food? 

 Circus tent stripes line the spine, and a longstitch binding hold the sky blue pages in place. A magnet on the edge snaps shut for the closure.

There's something missing in this book.. where are the circus stories?


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