Saturday, February 18, 2012

Andy's Book

Andy's Book with Two Stories
   A few weeks ago I was asked to share a bit of my book-making techniques to a class of NCSU first- year design students. The class was asked to create a children's book based on a defined artistic style, such as Art Deco, Impressionism, Installation Art...and so on. The students' ability to absorb complex process information and their out-of-the-box creativity were awe-inspiring. The books below are some of the books made by one of the students, Andy; but all of the students' books were phenomenal!

   Andy's first book is a series of boxes bound by a drinking straw threaded up one corner of each box. The boxes remain stacked on each other because of the flat "pages," which are sandwiched between each box. They all swing out for reading the platform "pages" or looking inside the boxes. 

Stacked boxes book
Book 2, a new construction using the drinking straw as the binding....

 Looking inside at the second of Andy's sample books.. notice how the pages flip out? Give you any ideas?

                                 Book 3 has pages that you pull up.. see the colored tabs?

This is the front cover of the final book... which is a teaching tool for kids ages 3-5 about installation art and also a story Andy wrote about a little boy and his dog. Look inside....

Inside each page is a pop-up of installation art!

A volvelle of the sun is part of a page that shows the story about the boy and his dog.

Inside the box page of The Weather Project
The volvelle swings around to form the back side of the box 'page' about Olafur Eliasson's The Weather Project at the Tate Modern in London, England.. Cool, huh!?!

Notice the page that also describes the art, its location, and the creator. This was really helpful for me...

It was a great 2+ weeks working with these future architects, designers, and artists.. and seeing how the term "book" can be stretched. I hope I get asked to "teach" again.. I learned so much!

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