Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 5: True's World

The book for week 5 is a tunnel book titled True's World. Tunnel books seem to have originated around the middle ages as "Peepshow" books, which were sort of portable puppet stages with layers of scenery within suitcase-like contraptions. They evolved to have accordion folded sides and be card-like. Often they were to commemorate a special event such as the building of the tunnel under the Thames River in London in the 1800's... which lead to the term tunnel book. They are credited with leading to the invention of moving pictures! wow!

True's World is a sort of fantastical portrayal of a day I spent with my friend True.. an artist, story teller, teacher, animal lover, naturalist, clown, mystic, and Pied Piper of sorts... Spending the day with True was something like falling into Alice's rabbit hole...full of wonder and magic.

The cover boards are covered with marbled italian paper and have glass beads sewn on.

The inside panels are watercolor paper cutouts painted with watercolors and the side accordions are colograph prints on heavyweight paper.

There are also some collaged photographs from my day spent assisting True teach a childrens' art and nature appreciation class. It was a day of drum circles, clown costumes, and learning about caring for "our forest friends." Though we were in a rather cluttered and tiny local art center and performance venue, I felt as if we were sitting cross legged in the middle of a very old forest. There's no doubt True's World is filled with magic.


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