Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 33: Scavenger Hunt, X Marks the Spot

   The last book of the Scavenger Hunt series, X Marks the Spot,  continues the narrative by using physical elements collected during the entire series. The 4-wall drop box form is used as the format. The outer book board walls are covered with a map of France and the lid is covered with a mono print. Handmade red print bookcloth and a gold button create the title X and lifting catch.

a map covered box

4 walls drop down & inside more boxes of books...
In addition to the narrative, the X Marks the Spot box houses the boxes of the other Scavenger Hunt series books. 

blank walls for attaching the paper mementos 
The walls of X Marks the Spot can be positioned flat on a table or held up with the lid. 

remove the stack of boxes
   Because this artist is still in the midst of the hunt, the wall pages are still blank... except for the handwritten title on the inside of one of the sidewalls. Once the scavenger hunts have been completed, the paper ephemera... such as receipts, ticket stubs, flyers, and maps, will be affixed to the inner walls of the box. In a way, resembling graffiti art on a wall.

graffiti on a wall in Estrella, Spain

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