Thursday, August 6, 2015

Week 31: Scavenger Hunt, The Culvert Puzzle

   The definition of book can be broad. For this week's book, a puzzle is used to convey the narrative...  In Scavenger Hunt, The Culvert Puzzle, the parts of a landscape that have been cut into pieces to be reformed into the whole image.  
The puzzle in a drawer with book as the title piece 
The pieces act as the pages of a book, but the interactive element of the book involves assembling the mixed up pieces into the correct position. 

the puzzle all mixed up
The image is a close-up view of the mysterious culvert described in last week's book, The Mystery of the Culvert. The book also is presented as a do-si-do book (one that reads forward and backward) because there is a different puzzle on the back side.
the culvert puzzel... 
After one assembles the puzzle of the culvert image, the pieces can be turned over to show a hand-drawn sketch of a map of the grounds of beautiful Chateau du Pin in Champstocé sur Loire, France.

Chateau du Pin puzzel
Forgive this artist for the delay in this week's post and any lack of intelligent content in the text. The past week has been spent in the wilds of France, hunting for mysterious culverts... among other things.

from the lily pond, looking at Chateau du Pin
To learn more about Chateau du Pin, go to

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  1. A wonderful, ethereal trip to France! and the Euro/US $ almost even in value to help with the expense.