Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 32: Scavenger Hunt, The Treasure Chest... Versailles

all the boxes... with the treasure chest on the bottom
   This latest book of the Scavenger Hunt series is titled The Treasure Chest... Versailles. The book is housed in its own two-chamber box with swing out double doors. Metal buttons serve as the doorknobs and marbled paper covers the outside of the box.
the opened treasure chest...

The inside of the box is covered with Japanese print paper and a collagraph print of red roses in a rich green bed. The collagraph print is also used to cover the little 5 x 5 inch accordion book, The Treasure Chest... Versailles. 

the book and the chest it lives in...
The cover also has the title plate and a collaged piece of a page from a vintage 1954 Michelin Guide to Paris that says ...........Versailles. A blue, green, and metallic silver ribbon tie around the book to form the closure.
the book and the boxes
When the ribbon is untied, the book spreads out to reveal maps of the Palace Versailles near Paris, France. Like the collaged piece on the front cover, the maps were taken from the same 1954 Michelin Guide to Paris. The maps were glued onto a strip of Magnani Velata text weight paper before it was folded into the little 6-panel accordion book.

maps of Versailles inside the book
   This most recent book of the Scavenger Hunt series deals with, and alludes to the many physical items which are collected on a scavenger hunt. Specifically, these are the items collected in the three actual hunts of this series... Finding the Caves, In Two French Cities, and About the Pyrenees.  The box is large enough to hold not only the little book, but any items collected while carrying out the scavenger hunts. The little book The Treasure Chest... Versailles was created to illustrate the term treasure by using one of the most exquisite (and expensive) examples of treasure in the world... the Palace Versailles outside of Paris, France. 

Versailles, (

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