Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 24: So Much

   The book-of-the-week for Week 24 is the last book of the Baby Gate series. It's an interactive book titled, So Much. It's cover boards are covered in combed marbled paper of vibrant oranges, blues, yellows, and greens. On the cover is a volvelle with a swing out panel of a baby gate, behind which are photos of some of the many items that come into life with the addition of a new baby...
a Volvelle on the cover...
Crib, high chair, car seat, diapers, toys, and rocking chairs... all those things that begin to take over life and house..  When the volvelle wheel is turned, a new one swings into view.

turn the volvelle to see a baby crib in the window cut-out...
Inside, the true interactive element of the book is indicated by the letterpress header To Do printed on every page... What new parent isn't inundated by the myriad of lists of things to do?  And, finally, the background is a cacophony of block patterns in shades of blue... indicating change and activity. Of course!
in shades of blue.. for baby boys..
The binding is created with a longstitch/chain stitch on bookcloth made from a 1950's ladies apron... a family heirloom from  a certain baby boy's maternal great grandmother. The circular pattern repeats the shape of the volvelle wheel on the cover and also indicates the circular aspect of life. Longstitches, straight and intertwined, refer to the relationships forged throughout a lifetime, and the chain stitches at top and bottom, refer to the loving guidance of two devoted parents.

So, amid the new baby smell, the lack of sleep, the bundles of new clothes, new furniture, breast pumps and baby wipes, the unexpected crying spells and spit-ups, the doting grandparents and relatives with their wobbly awkward handling of the little guy, and the constant diaper changes... round and round go the days. And it all moves so fast. Still, though there is So Much... To Do, it's never too much. But just right.

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