Sunday, June 1, 2014

Week 22: Baby Gate

  This week's book-of-the-week is the title piece of the box set started last week, Baby Gate.  Children's first books are very often made as stiff leaf books, and this week's little book follows that style... which is not surprising since it is about a baby's first day. The cover paper is a collograph print of a brilliant night sky that resembles a sort of flower garden and the bookcloth for the spine is handmade from japanese silk. The title plate on the cover and the page illustrations are from photographs of a mural painted on a baby's nursery wall that were then inkjet printed on Magnani Velata text-weight paper. The text font is Papyrus.
the title plate on the cover
When Baby Gate is not being read, it can go inside one of the  sections of the 3-part box. The little book measures 4 inches by 4 inches and just fits into one of the sections...
the book, Baby Gate, ready to go into it's compartment on the left...
This is the little story, Baby Gate....
wall mural... the tire swing and birds in the tree,  the cow and donkey in the barn
On the morning you were born
the sun shown warm in the 
beautiful blue sky.
and  the flowers were abloom in 
reds and pinks,
fuchsia, purple, and lemon yellow 
and the chartreuse grass was 
wet with dew. 

On the afternoon of your birth
a mother bluebird flew to get a 
fat worm
to feed her baby birds
and the father bluebird
perched proudly
in his showy blue feather coat
singing songs of joy 
and love.
wall mural... the shining sun
On the evening of your birth
the sun set 
at the edge of the sky 
in a mass of brilliant gold, 
neon pink and rowdy orange.
And then the dusk moved in 
and the stars came out
twinkling in the sky, 
happily anticipating your near 

On the evening of your birth
the family gathered anxiously 
and excitedly 
at the hospital
and prayed you would be safe,
would have an easy journey,
and not tarry too long
into this world.
And they waited... and talked in 
hushed voices.
wall mural... the ball field and balloons with waving people
On the night you were born
suddenly there were fireworks 
in the sky!
and the booming sound
and the brilliant lights
filled the night with celebration!
Some of us looked on the sky 
with awe, and all of us smiled... 
and our hearts were filled with 
excitement and joy. 

And then,
you were here!
wall mural... the aviator in his plane, with the banner GOAL!
On the night you were born
Your mommy and your daddy 
held you in their arms.
Your daddy washed you 
tenderly and wrapped you up 
in a soft warm blanket, put your 
tiny hat on your head,
and held you close.

And your Mommy held you near 
her heart and gazed into your 
bright blue eyes, so wise
and already full of fun and 
mischief... and love.
And they both fell hopelessly 
in love with you, 
Little Sam.
wall mural... the sailboat in the lake
On the night you were born
the family all came up from the 
waiting room
to see you.
And were awed by your perfect
little body
and your beautiful 
little moon face.

On the night you were born 
the family each looked 
into your newborn eyes 
that were taking in the world for 
the first time...
smiling at your mommy with so 
much love..
and at your daddy with so much 
Wall mural... the barn with the cat,  and the sunflowers nearby
On the night you were born,
the big world shifted 
a little
for the better
and we were so happy!

So far, there are two books finished for the boxed set, Baby Gate. Here they are perched atop the box lid. 
Baby Gate and Dreaming of Running the Bases
When one goes through the Baby Gate, there's no telling what's ahead.

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