Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 23: Baby Gate, Vol. 3: Umbilical Cord

   The last book of the Baby Gate Series is this week's book-of-the-week, Umbilical Cord. 
Umbilical Cord and the Baby Gate box
It accompanies Dreaming of Running the Bases and the title book, Baby Gate.

3 books in the Baby Gate box
Umbilical Cord has a green pastepaper cover, with a photograph of a baby and a mobile phone. It's boustrophedon pages are folded accordion-style then tied with a green grosgrain ribbon.

the modern baby gate...
Inside, the title page continues the imagery of the cell phone...

Title page...

...which leads up to the text of the book... cell phone text messages between a mother and her son starting the day before her grandson is born... and leading until his one-week birthday.

text of text messages
24 hours of intermittent texts...
waiting.... and waiting.... and waiting....
(Mom, 6:36pm): "I'm comfy in the waiting room..." ...then,
(Son, 9:42pm): "Sam is here. And wonderful"
Imagine lots of cheering, hugging, and jumping around in the waiting room; and much snuggling, hugging, and tears of joy in the delivery room. Then, a query from the waiting room...

(Grand'mom):  how's our girl?
Great. She wants the grandmas to come up...
Imagine a huge Woohoo! in the waiting room. And the remainder of the book? .... 36 pages of photos of a new grandbaby.

standard to all grandma's cell phones... a full photo cache of grandkids
At the end of the first week...

Gram and Sam
... the Umbilical Cord stretches in a new way.

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