Sunday, October 20, 2013

Week 42: Garden Shed

   For many homes, the yard and garden are absolutely necessary to the architecture of the home and the life of the family... They are the outdoor rooms. One small building which facilitates that outdoor life is the Garden Shed...the book-of-the-week for Week 42. Garden Shed augments the books already in the House series, Old House, Attic, Window, and Front Porch Facade.
Garden Shed with House series 
This week's book is stretching the stiff-leaf binding concept quite a bit, because it's actually two boxes stacked atop each other. The boxes, are known as etui boxes, from the Old French word estuier, meaning to enclose. These small ornate boxes have collapsable sides which fall flat when the lid is lifted; and traditionally, held sewing kit items, cosmetics, or other small articles. This same structure was used for the Week 32: Laundry Poem.

   The boxes can be shaped as squares, rectangles, pyramids.. actually, as long as the hinging is set so the walls close properly and also drop flat when opened... any shape can be made into an etui box!

Remove the roof-shaped etui box..and peak inside!
   This piece has a roof top etui which is shaped like a pyramid and opens flat. Inside is a space where dried flowers, leaves or collected seed pods can be stored. When the roof and eaves are removed, the walls of the bottom etui (the shed part) fall flat. Inside the shed etui are four folded star books... These are also glued together in the stiff-leaf manner by gluing the backside of one star folio to the backside of the next star folio.. and so on... Like many garden sheds, this shed seems to be jam-packed and bursting at the seams!
as the walls drop down, the star-book chapters are revealed... neat and tidy
Collaged onto each of the Garden Shed walls and each folio of the four star-book chapters is a cut-out from a vintage seed catalog. 
something for the garden on every page... the possibilities of a Garden Shed!
The four chapters are: Garden Plants, Herb Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, and Flower Seeds. Eventually, entropy takes over and the folded-star pages burst out! ....just like a garden might do after a summer of constant rain... 
Some garden sheds are neat and tidy... others, not so much!
everything stored inside...
At the end of the day, everything gets put back into it's place in the Garden Shed.