Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week 39: Happy Birthday!

   The book-of-the-week for Week 39 is titled Happy Birthday! This book is presented as a pop-up birthday card. The cover is the envelope, which is covered with collaged-on pieces from a map of Virginia and a hand drawn map... starting in Bonn, Germany and ending in Raleigh, North Carolina. The cities on the envelope are listed in a loopy path.

the envelope and card...
   The card imagery and text is a combination of letterpress printing, stenciling, and pen and ink. The front of the card has an image of a house with a red roof. The roof was letterpress printed using a large font wooden type "V" which was printed upside down. The turquoise door was also printed using an even larger block of wood type. The black windows, door knobs, and curtains were printed over the turquoise door using more large font wood type and metal border type. The text was printed with 14-point Benbow type and 30-point Goudy Hand-tooled type. 

This is the story on the front page of the card...

It was a dark and rainy
night... She came home
tired after work. No one
remembered her birthday.
Oh well, at least the cat
would want to cuddle...
She reached for the front
door knob and looked
over her shoulder, a big
black raven was perched
in the tree!!! staring at 
her!!! and the limbs were 
making scary shadows on
the ground! Some wild
animal was crying in the
woods!!! Was that a
snake rustling in the...
leaves?! She reached for
the doorknob... She...
opened the door...

The pull tab was painted with orange ink then overprinted with 14-point Sans serif type. The rain was stenciled on with acrylic paint and the shadow behind the pull tab door was hand drawn with pen and ink. When the pull tab is pulled the door swings open revealing the words...

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Then the card is opened to reveal the spread. Five-color letterpress printing of surprise birthday wishes and a handwritten note to the birthday girl show she isn't alone with her cat and a bunch of scary animals after all.

Surprise! Surprise!

From there to here, the map of a year has some surprises and some things you can count on.  I'm so glad your map has brought you here!


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