Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 36: Happy Birthday! Make a Wish

   The book-of-the-week for Week 36 is about wishes... those gates of imagination. The book takes it's inspiration from a common ritual... making a wish when blowing out the birthday cake candles. The book is titled, Happy Birthday! Make a Wish. In some cultures, birthdays are one day of the year when wishes have a place. Even if the world is oblivious, when the birthday cake arrives... all aglow with flaming candles... wishes take the stage and become a part of the celebration. 

Happy Birthday! Make a Wish is a little stiff leaf book with movable elements, letterpress printing, and a collage paper candle on every page that has a pull-tab. When the pull-tab is tugged, the candle flame is drawn into the candle and the wish is revealed on the paper behind the flame. 

even the cover has a pull tab to reveal the whole title
Open the book to see the first candle...
Pull the tab under the first candle to see the wish... FAITH. The book has four pages of candles, each with a wish printed behind the pull-tab flame. The wishes are Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love.

pull the tab and read... FAITH

The second page shows the candle and wish for HOPE...

tugging to see the wish HOPE
the third page candle.. pastepaper and collograph collage
Pull the tab and read the wish... CHARITY.

with tab pulled to see the wish..
The fourth and last page...

a colorful flame over a collage candle
 the wish... LOVE
   Below is a photograph taken on the evening of this artist's birthday in 2007. That day... the family was far away, friends were occupied, and a cake with candles and wishes was not going to happen. But that evening, the sky turned out in full flame... and the mountain looked just like a birthday cake lit up with candles. So as the sun set, the birthday girl made her wish.

a sunset birthday candle...

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