Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 31: Stepping Stones

   There's a saying that always makes me laugh... "You can't get there from here." Yet, in reality... though a route is convoluted, the place we're trying to get to can be reached... just maybe not as easily as expected...and maybe it's not the place we imagined... (but that's another story.) This week's book-of-the-week is about the Stepping Stones we take in life.

Cover of marbled paper and letterpress printing
   Stone-like marbled papers on squarish mat board make up the pages, which are connected with strips of pastepainted Tyvek®. Bound as an accordion book, the pages fold out in a zigzag or a straight line... either way is ok. The story was printed on the Pearl® letterpress with Brush type.. It's a story that can be added to by the reader... so fill in your own stepping stones. The basic story goes like this...

"STEP     STEP    STEP    STEP    STEP    STEP    STEP    STEP  

Stepping stones through the tall grass..


Whether it's across a tiny stream or into the the great unknown...
Sometimes you just have to go for it!