Thursday, October 18, 2012

What's New?

Coptic Books in Making Your Mark
  There are four book arts classes in the Raleigh (NC) area starting in November and running once a week until mid December! I've listed them below in case you live in the area and want to have a ton of fun making books and playing with paper and such.

...otherwise please forgive the infomercial (is it the time of year?) and check back Monday Oct 22 to read the latest Book of the Week Challenge post.

At Pullen Art Center (919-996-6126):
1. Making Your Mark: Illustration and Content in Book arts

In this fun class we’ll make books and decorate papers utilizing four surface design criteria: Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Prospective. All levels from beginner to advanced book artist will enjoy and learn in this class, and we will leave with at least four new books, paste papers, touch drawings, and lots of ideas! A supply fee of $50 is payable to the instructor.
Thursdays, Nov 8-Dec 20 (except Thanksgiving); 6:30-9:30 #130708

Contrast (Touch Painting Inks): Making Your Mark

2. The Book of Change: Exploring the Longstitch

This class explores a variety of exposed long-stitch bindings with pastepainted watercolor paper covers. Inside the books we’ll incorporate more content-related elements including writing, windows, pockets, fold-outs, and transfers. Among the bindings we’ll explore are the Italian Longstitch, Buttonhole stitch with a Window, Cross Hatch, and Kettle/longstitch with a Chain-stitch circle or Chevron. All levels will enjoy this class, but especially those who love sewing!  A supply fee of $30-45 is payable to the instructor. Tuesdays, Nov 13-Dec 18; 6:30-9:30 #130709
Longstitch book: The Book of Change
At Cary Art Center - Cary, NC (919-469-4069):
Between the Folds: The accordion book is based on a folded paper spine and is a simple book structure that dates back thousands of years. In this class we’ll explore many variations of this structure including the double concertina, the piano hinge book, the hidden hinge book, and the stiff leaf binding. We’ll incorporate our own painted and printed imagery, collage, and typewritten content. We’ll make pastepapers and marbling. We’ll have fun and work hard! Supply fee of $35-50 payable to instructor at first class. Bring your own apron and cutting mat. Mondays, Nov. 5- Dec. 17 (no class Nov. 12), 6:30-9:30pm. (#62440) 

Hidden Hinge Book: Between the Folds
Silly Pop-up Cards and a Book: In this class we will create a variety of delightful and fun paper engineered cards and pages. We will learn how to bind the pop-up pages to create a delightfully animated book, and if there's time... we’ll make extras to use as holiday cards. Additional $25-35 supply fee is payable to instructor on the first class. 6 Wednesdays Nov. 7-Dec. 22, (No class Nov. 21)  Please bring your own cutting mat. (#62746)
A hardcover book: Silly Pop Up Cards and Book
Pull Tab: Silly Pop Up Cards & Book
Pull Tab: Silly Pop Up Cards & Book

This class will be so fun!

and silly!

In addition to the supply fees, tuitions are between $85 and $120, depending of Raleigh City or Town of Cary residency, so it's a great deal for 6 weeks of fun....and cool books and papers to take home too! All levels of book artists are welcome. So, hope to see you!