Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Book Carousel

   This week's book of the week is The Book Carousel. This is the last of a series of books made for the class that ended last Monday, Tunnel Books and Carousel Books.

A vintage marbled paper from England and my own pastepaper allude to the historic medieval tombs revered so long ago. The Book Carousel is a very distant relative of those parchment pages with birch wood and gold-tooled leather covers. It has a sort of buttressed roof.. which reminds me of a cathedral I visited in France a few years ago.

Inside the 5-panel carousel book, each page is dedicated to a type of book structure...

A shelf of cord-bound books...
Japanese-style books...
Longstitch books...
and Pop Up books!
So, that's The Book Carousel. A sort of shrine to books. 

Some other books made in the class...

Christina's A Snowman Tossing Flowers into a Black Hole tunnel book.

Kat's Bug on a Flower in a Cartoon World tunnel book
Rua's I Want to Visit Mars When I Grow Up tunnel book

Nancy's ABC's of Grandkids tunnel book

Kat's Bugs of the Dirt carousel book
A variety of sculptural books.. all filled with things we love or find fascinating... or are just silly.