Sunday, July 8, 2012

You're Invited! Come Celebrate Our Wedding

   Do you ever have the feeling when you are traveling that every tiny thing is significant? Do you find yourself saving ticket stubs and napkins? Do you hoard coffee stirrers and sugar packs? Do you pick up all sorts of odd brochures? Do you stuff your pockets with pebbles and put leaves and flower petals in the pages of your check book? I have to admit I do all of these things. The book of the week for this week is a travel journal titled You're Invited! Come Celebrate Our Wedding. It's an accordion book with pockets and a few pamphlet-stitched pop-outs in some of the valley folds..... And inside the book is filled with all the ephemera of a recent trip to a wedding in Helena, Montana.
Four days of hiking, trying new restaurants, sightseeing, visiting friends and meeting new ones
For any trip, a most important necessity is a map of the area you're visiting! If it has some of the interesting landmarks noted for you, that's helpful too! For the cover of this book I chose two elements: a map of the city and a cut-out from the invitation to the wedding we were attending which prompted the trip.
   Think about your favorite trips. Were they filled with planned events and a full agenda of awe inspiring sights? Or were they meandering Zen-like treks into uncharted experiences or meditative retreats? Was good food involved? Shopping? Fishing? Sports? Friends and loved ones? Our trip to Helena was all of those things... except fishing unless you count seeing the live mermaid at the Sip and Dip Bar and Restaurant. The book You're Invited! is my point of memory for much that we saw and did on our trip. Below are a few of the photos that go with the book... The brochures, the postcords, the take-out menus, the ticket stubs, the feathers, leaves, rocks, and sticks collected are all stuffed in the pockets of You're Invited! Come Celebrate Our Wedding.
City of Helena, Montana from Mount Helena
Wild flowers on the hiking trail
Following a path into the forest
Taking a break on the Continental Divide
The Wilderness at Beartooth
A Rainbow
A wedding marks a new beginning, but it also signifies a journey of a lifetime between two people. A family begun. A marriage is its own sort of travel journal; each day is a pocket to fill with assorted experiences. Congratulations and best wishes to all who are on that journey.