Sunday, July 29, 2012


   We never really know where the journey will take us. That's the archetypical hero story. Like most folks I'm fascinated with this story, which is why I've titled this week's Book of the Week Highway. 
The original highway... taken at Penland School of Crafts
   I'm taking a wood block printing class at a crafts school in the North Carolina mountains and used this image taken in 2005 (at the same location) as inspiration for my first wood block carving exercise. Seven days later and the image is carved and printed, the text is written and printed on the letterpress, and the accordion-style book is assembled and posed in it's natural setting.
The afternoon sun shines like gold...
This is the story...
Two-lane highway
winding through
iron mountains

Stretches out straight
at the place

Gold grows
and the world

A pastepaper cover on Highway
   Who knows where the highway leads or what is met along the way. When coming to this golden place I always know I'll be challenged and surprised.

The real thing and the book Highway