Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Meadow

The Meadow is a book about travel. It has a painted canvas cover and a photograph paperbutton of some grasses in a magical mountain meadow I often visit in Penland, North Carolina. 

Travel is something I always look forward to... and engage in with a sort of dread. I suppose we face each day with an element of the unknown, but travel magnifies the uncertainty.. increases anxiety, and makes me feel vulnerable. Yet, travel to some exotic Wonderland, some Shangrila, some Elysian field is at the top of my list of things to do... and my favorite stories and myths involve travel...  I love to daydream of travel, and I plan trips (for some future day) all the time. 
Inside: marbled paper and a pastepaper pocket with paperbuttons
When you travel you need to have a journal with lots of pockets for keeping all of those ticket stubs, restaurant receipts, business cards, and whatever else you might discover... When I'm in Penland, I collect lots of pieces of mica. They sparkle along the paths and in the dirt and grass everywhere. I collect the fallen laurel flowers and the beautiful colored fall leaves. I collect the dirt and mud. I make the mud into a paste and paint with it. I grind the grasses and put them in my handmade paper. I sprinkle mica dust in my pastepapers. The Meadow is a book for collecting and recording all the wonderful things to find on a journey to a new place and is my book for Week 17.