Sunday, April 22, 2012

Ivy Patch

Week 16's Book of the Week is Ivy Patch. It's another enameled copper covered book with coptic binding like Week 6, Lilac Creek. Another twin.. similar but not the same.... It has a tiny pearl button from some baby clothes I used to wear. And the cover reminds me of an ivy patch.
This is the green-tinted version of the purple-tinted Lilac Creek. Inside, some of the pages are marbled paper in shades of greens. It's spring in the mountains where I'm staying, yesterday was Earth Day, and the leaves and ivy patches are lush and damp from the mountain mist.. and quick rains.. In the mountains it rains nearly every day. The rivers are big now and the puddles are full of maple tree pollen, dogwood flowers, and azalea petals.
Like it's twin, this little book has handmade paper pages, but this time I used abaca paper I mixed in the paper beater for over 8 hours. It is lovely... smooth... and translucent... and crisp all at once. It feels very new.
When the sun hit the paper, the pages seemed to glow and speak with their own voice. I don't have the words for this book right now. Perhaps if I were a poet I'd know what to write in this tiny book, Ivy Patch.