Saturday, January 2, 2016

A new year... Welcome 2016!!!

   January is a time of beginnings, and this January the book-a-week challenge will have a new twist. Rather than a book every week, one book will be created each month based on criteria specified by the Book Artist's Ideation Cards set made by Barbara Tetenbaum and Julie Chen.

On the first or second day of each month, the seven Category cards will be drawn and posted on the blog. During the month this artist will work on a book that meets those criteria. Meanwhile, anyone reading the blog who wishes to make their own book with these criteria is encouraged to join in! If you wish to share photos of your outcome, feel free to post them in to comments section or email them to

These are the Category cards selected for January's book:

COLOR: muted or pastel

IMAGE: abstract

LAYOUT: centered on the page

PAPER: minimal paper usage (emphasis on alternative material such as cloth, plastic, wood, metal, etc.)

STRUCTURE: single leaf (side-sewn binding, comb binding, palm leaf, whirlwind binding, Kelm wire edge binding, etc.)

TEXT: collaborate with a writer or poet

TECHNIQUE: high-tech (letterpress, offset printmaking, etc.)

ADJECTIVE: humorous

Note: There is a Wild Card option where ONE Category may be replaced with your own criteria.

Ready, set, GO!

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  1. Great idea. I will try to meet the challenge.