Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Week 45: Buddy the Ball

   The book-of-the-week for week 45 is a pop-up children's book about a runaway ball named Buddy. The book is titled, Buddy the Ball. In this archetypical journey cronicle, Buddy is unhappy with the way things are going at home so he takes off for better conditions.  His journey isn't as easy as he expected... he is almost smushed by the neighborhood garbage truck, falls into a manhole, then floats through the sewer with a bunch of scary leaves and sticks. He ends up in the neighborhood park where he is recognized by his owner... Sammy, who immediately runs up to Buddy and gives him a good, hard KICK!

the cover: Doug's pastepaper, handmade bookcloth, and a lithograph print title plate
 Illustrations on the page spreads and pop-ups are line drawings on polyester plates that were printed by the lithographic method then hand colored with watercolor pencil.  All prints were made on Stonehenge heavyweight paper and bound by the drum-leaf method. The text was lithograph-printed on separate cards then affixed to the pages.

the title page and front endpaper...

Page 1: box pop-up of the noisy toy box
Page 2: two pull tabs make wiggle ears.. because it's too loud for Buddy!
Page 3: architectural origami stairs...where Buddy runs away

pull tab Buddy: dodging garbage trucks in the 'hood

box pop-up with cut-out: falling into the manhole

triangle supported creatures... floating in the sewer with Buddy

V-fold Sammy, surprised to see Buddy!

triangle supported pop-up... Sammy kicking Buddy the Ball

The End.

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