Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Week 28: Scavenger Hunt, About the Pyrenees

   Week 28 continues the Scavenger Hunt series with another traveling scavenger hunt, About the Pyrenees. The cover of the two-page book is a hardcover case with brown buckram spine piece and a mono print cover paper. The title plate was letterpress printed with 24-point Goudy type over a linoleum block print of a map of France and Spain.

Inside, the page spread is a Google® map of the route from Montignac, France to Olite, Spain with 19 scavenger hunt directives printed over it.  The activities are scattered all along the route from Montignac to Olite... and also into the Navarre region of Spain and the Pyrenees mountains nearby. It could take five days or a lifetime to complete this scavenger hunt.

These are the quests.
  •  1. See the Lascaux II Caves in France
     2. Take a photo at La Bacherllerie, France
     3. Take photos of a cave in the Vezere Valley, at Les Eyzies, France
     4. Lunch in Libourne, France at Le Bistrot Clemenceau, keep a paper product.
     5. Take a photo of the Dordogne River
     6. Take a photo in Bordeaux, France
     7. Take a photo of Parc Naturel Region des Landes, France
     8. Visit Musee Basque in Bayonne, France 
     9. Cross the border into Spain
     10. Take a walk and photo at Ermita de Enderlasta, Spain
     11.  Sketch the nighttime sky in Spain
     12.  Stay at Parador d’ Olite in Olite, Spain
     13.  Have dinner in Olite, Spain
     14. Take a walk under the stars in Spain
     15. Walk along a street where the bulls run in Pamplona, Spain
     16. Spend a morning in Alquézar, Spain
     17. See the cave paintings at Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park
     18. Stop for lunch somewhere in the Pyrenees, keep a paper product.
     19. Sketch the view from a mountain top in the Pyrenees.
the cover from the back
   This Scavenger Hunt volume is meant to help one explore the area in southwest France and the Navarre region of Spain, which is strongly influenced by the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees mountain range, which are a natural border between France and Spain, are still a wild and beautiful region. The area has a rich history, and a landscape that is full of mystery and intrigue... and some wonderful stories.  This  little scavenger hunt is written to give the reader a better understanding of the people, landscape, and history of this amazing place... all that's needed are a car, drawing materials, a camera, some euros... and some way to get to Montignac, France to get started!

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