Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Week 22: Dear Friend, Someplace in the World

The book-of-the-week for Week 22 is a card titled Dear Friend, Someplace in the World. The title is handwritten on the envelope which is embellished with stamps collected from countries around the world. 

stamp collection finally used...

The card face is letterpress printed with the word thank you in nine languages. Each language is set in a different typeface. 

....Thank You! someplace in the world...

Starting at the top and moving downward, the languages and fonts are as follows: 

Shukria!               Urdu Pakistani    18-point Pacifica typeface

Gracias!                Spanish                24-point Art Deco Display typeface

Spasibo!               Russian               18-point Wedding Text typeface

Xie Xie!                Mandarin            36-point Bodoni Bold italic typeface

Grazie!                  Italian                 30-point Bookman Oldstyle typeface

Danke!                  German               30-point No. 1 wide typeface (possibly)

Arigato!                Japanese              24-point Flash bold typeface

Merci Beaucoup!  French                18-point Outlined Caps

Thank You!           English               30-point Bookman typeface

the letter...

   This is the letter...

Dear Friend,                                                                   Week   22, 2015

   I'm writing to thank you for being part of this world just like me... for caring about your community and loving your home, just like me.  I see it on a map, I hear about it on the news, read about it in books, and I imagine what it's like in your country - to be from there.  I imagine the famous places I would see if I had the chance to visit your country, and the beauty only a native would know about - and you could show me. I'm writing because even though your country is so far away and we speak different languages, I  know we are really so alike.  So, until we get the chance to meet, I've learned one word in your language.  It is Thank You!



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