Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 19: I've Moved!

   The book-of-the-week for Week 19 is really a set of cards and a book-like box to house them. Its title is I've Moved! The box is made to resemble a half-bound cased book. The book box can set on the library shelf along with the other books.. or lay flat on a table and open like a cigar box. It's covered in off-white pearlescent crinkle paper made in India. The spine is covered in Japanese silk book cloth, and the core space is covered in a vintage marbled paper made in Great Britain. A rather worldly box materially, the contents are all about home.

outside it looks like a book...
inside, it is a box

Open the cover and inside the box are a stack of 25 postcards, each with a digital print of a Google map and the letterpress text. The letterpress printing was done on the Pearl press with two colors and six different fonts... A lifting board with a satin ribbon pull rests below the cards for ease in removing the cards from the box.

the front of the card: moving news, a map, and an invitation
When the postcards are pulled out both sides can be seen.. on the stamp side are images of the new home, the sender's new address, and the phrase...

All that's missing is a Tiki bar and YOU!

first unpacking.... then having a party!
   Moving to a new home is one of those turning points in life. Our home is our nest, our cave, our palace, our asylum. It defines us... and like a turtle's shell, it is our skin. So, when we buy our first home.. if we are so lucky... it really is BIG. Even if the house is only 600 square feet. We begin to find places for our favorite things.. those favorite books.... oh Yes! .. and our bed, our couch, and grandma's chairs... sorting out the kitchen, and the closets... We begin thinking about new towels and curtains... some new gadgets we've always wanted... a must now that we're at the new house. 
   Moving in is so exhausting (even with movers), it's hard to realize how disoriented we are until the first night. There is a buzzing glow of elation and a big grin on our face as we lay in bed trying to go to sleep... but our feet hurt so bad and we can't settle down.. and the curtains aren't up yet and the street light is shining on our face.. and some dog is barking... is that a car alarm going off? Wait... is this one of THOSE neighborhoods????? Then things settle down, it's our first night in our first home. That grin comes back. And eventually... we fall asleep.
What would you want in your first home?
a lifesize chess set... like Wonderland????
a big pool?
a pretty park nearby with picnic tables?

a place to sit with the one you love?

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