Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Week 52: Gates

 The title of the last book-of-the-week for 2014 is GATES.. It is simply six words that are gates... Hope, Dream, Faith, Craft, Laughter, and Love. The words are letterpress printed in the shape of a gate, with stacks of the words as the two side posts and four lines of the words as boards connecting the posts. The book was bound in the stiff-leaf method. Hand-marbled paper was used to cover the coverboards. Black, white, and grays are the color pallet.
marbled paper and a letterpress title plate
a black silk bookcloth spine
the title page...
the colophon...
It wasn't easy to decide what book to make for this last week of a year of books based on the word gate. That's why this post is coming at the very last hours of the year... there are still so many gates unexplored.  And yet, as the old year rings out and the new year slips in, another gate patiently awaits our passage. Happy 2015! May your days be filled with light.

Next week begins another year of books. The books will be based on the word map. Yippee!

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