Sunday, October 12, 2014

Week 41: Open the Gate and What Do You See?

   Open the Gate and What Do You See? That's the title of the book-of-the-week for Week 41. The little book is a children's book for learning one's colors. Each page spread has a gate that opens and closes
a gate that swings open..
The little 5 x 5 inch casebound book is covered with pastepaper, bookcloth, and a letterpress title plate printed on the Pearl letterpress with a pressure print and 24-point Goudy type.
pastepaper for a pretty cover
Starting with the title page, each page spread has the gate pressure print, which swings open when the little brown paper latch is pulled.
the title...
Behind the title page gate is the dedication... to a cute little guy named Sam... who will soon be learning his colors... The dedication, as well as the text behind each gate, is set with 14-point Bookman type.
a dedication...
Each page follows the same structure, a repetition of the title: Open the gate and what do you see? and...
the gate and it's hinge
...then when the gate is opened, a rhyming answer along with a hand drawn illustration is revealed.
a bright red cardinal perched in a tree...
....a black and yellow buzzing, buzzing  bumble bee.
...bright green Jack-in-the-Bean stalks as tall as can be.
...a cool black can who's name is Marley. orange-filled boat sailing over the sea.
...a flock of gray geese flying south in a vee.
...a bunch of purple grapes as sweet as can be.
a tan buffalo hide stretched onto a teepee.
...a round white golf ball sitting on its tee.
a reflection of all the colors, ...a smart little monkey don't you agree?

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