Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week 3: Beyond the Swinging Gate

Aunt Elise's gate
   The book-of-the-week for Week 3 is titled Beyond the Swinging Gate. It's a movable book that transforms from a cross shape to a rectangle and back again.. each flip and twist of the page uncovering a new stanza of the little rhyme. It's a combination of mono-print and letterpress printing on Mohawk cover paper with an overlay of some pen and ink sketching.
as a cross... the cover and title plate

The little rhyme goes like this...

Beyond the Swinging Gate 

Shadowed garden
Eternal fate

Rows of memories 
Stalked straight 

Beyond the Swinging Gate

Flip open the cover page to see the rectangular first page spread...

open by unfolding the gate-fold pages, then twist counter-clockwise
the first two pages... a gate
third and fourth pages... another gate
rotate, unfold, and watch it transform...
Around and 'round this little gate-fold book goes. It's an endless circle of folding transformation.  The Swinging Gate  is really just a metaphor for life.

in the end, a cross of a gate 
the last gate