Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week 52: Anteaters, Balloons, and Cake

   For the last week of the 2013, the book-of-the-week is actually about beginnings... as in the first letter of words. The book for week 52 is an alphabet book titled Anteaters, Balloons, and Cake.

A colorful pastepaper cover over thick boards is the first view of the little 5 x 6 inch book. A letterpress printed title plate is affixed to the front cover and purple silk bookcloth covers the spine and the spine connections inside the book. 

Inside, the illustrations are line drawings that were printed using the polyester plate lithography method and an etching press. An edition of three copies was made, then each image was hand-colored with colored pencils. The text was printed on the Pearl letterpress here at Orange Lantern Press with a combination of 36-point Bodini Bold Italic and 18-point Goudy Hand-tooled fonts. The paper used was a stiff and creamy Stonehenge. Here is the little alphabet book, Anteaters, Balloons, and Cake...

...And Z is for zebra and zeros...(but not xylephones.)

   I am delighted and honored by those who have taken the time this past year to read the rambling about books, the rants on life, and the odd snippets of obscure information that have made their way into this blog. The 2013 Book-of-the-Week books will be on display in Raleigh at the Cameron Village Library during the month of February and in May at Pullen Arts Center (along with several other artists who took the weekly challenge for their art medium).. Details should be in the Events box soon.

   2014 will be another year of Book-of-the-Week, so check in when you are able! The focus for the coming year will be the use of content within the books... with an effort to include an element of continuity from one week to the next so the books work off each other much like the House series of books in 2013. But, like life, it's expected that the continuity will divert in unexpected ways...

   Some things that can be counted on is that I will be teaching book arts. In 2014 I'll be teaching at Pullen Art Center (Raleigh), Cary Art Center, Penland School of Crafts, and some other great places. Again, check the Events box periodically if you are interested in joining a phenomenal group of artists as we explore the processes of handmade books.

I hope you have a joyful, bountiful, and creative New Year!