Sunday, February 3, 2013

Week 5: Steps to a Perfect Birthday

    Two things... birth and death. Death is a powerful and fearful part of life and lends itself to serious contemplation about the meaning of life. There have been several books created on this blog which refer to death and the transformation of one life to the hereafter... Yet, an equally powerful life event is the birth of a being. Always awe-inspiring to me, the celebration of a birth day is one yearly event which I love to practice! Self help and DIY books are always popular, so that's why this week's book-of-the-week is a do-it-yourself book titled Steps to a Perfect Birthday. 
Hand-marbled bookcloth and cover paper
Printed on the toy letterpress
Birthdays are (should be) a festive time... with special attire, especially
Step 1: Funny Hats!
Are birthday hats always funny looking?
Hand-made hats keep everyone busy too!
Step 2: Candles... Blowing out candles and making wishes is always a high point of a  birthday!

   You can never tell anyone what you wished, or it won't come true. Why is that? ..and what do 3-year-olds wish for? What do 80-year-olds wish for? Ever notice that the whole room helps with the blowing? Are they making wishes too?
Three candles, whew!

Step 3: Friends and Family... Nothing makes a birthday party wonderful like being with folks who love you and think you are just the best!

They surround you with love and a sense of special-ness... They tell stories about you and laugh at your jokes. Ha Ha.
Kids love anybody's birthday!

Step 4: Cake. You've got to have cake for a birthday... Usually it's decorated with stuff you like... roses or super heros or gummy worms.

Oh Yea! ...Chocolate Chip Layer Cake, German Chocolate Cake, Coconut Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Lemon Cream Cake, Carrot Cake, Devils Food Cake, Bundt Cake, Barbie Cake and Bunny Cake! What's your favorite birthday cake?
A gumdrop cake with candy hearts, yum!

Step 5: Surprises! The anticipation of some yet-to-be surprise party always gives me a shy smile the days before my birthday... 

A little pocket with a watercolor painting
...and then the day comes and there are the cards from far away friends and those prettily wrapped presents...Yeah!  The memory of years of wrapping-paper and frilly ribbon-bows is probably why I love making books with so many pastepaper pages... all just presents in disguise.

When it's your day, I hope your birthday is PERFECT!