Monday, January 14, 2013

Week 2: Family

    What is it about family? Whether we are routinely and intimately connected to the lives of our family members, or if we are spread across the world like wafts of dandelion fluff... the connection of biology and upbringing creates a particular bond.  The second Book-of-the-Week is titled Family. This tiny stiff-leaf book that will fit into the palm of your hand, alludes to the powerful and long-lasting bonds that are created within a family.
Family portrait
 Watercolor paper pages and painted Tyvek® spine strips make up the little book that is a picture album of an imaginary family, The Redmans:
Grandma Lucy

Dad and Mom

Uncle Joe and Bubba
Sissy and Cousin Lou
Grandpa Joe and Auntie Betty
Baby Joey and Ahab the Fish
Spot the Dog and George the Cat

Family stories are a staple of mythology, religious text, and in my case... southern lore. The family is center to the human condition and most of my favorite tales revolve around family dynamics and the mundane day-to-day reactions and relationships. Our family heros, the obstacles and disappointments of life, the love and warmth of unconditional love are all part of that continuous narrative. With time and change the family stories play out in unexpected ways, yet they always remain a powerful statement of identity and soul with a bond that can't be broken.