Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Little Tree

The Little Tree
a little pop-up book...

   Week 51 book-of-the-week is titled
The Little Tree. It's a small pop-up book about
4 x 4½ inches with a flat back spine of hand marbled bookcloth and wrinkled paste paper cover.
marbled bookcloth and pastepaper cover..
Hand lettered and painted with acrylics.
open up!
The fun with pop-ups is when you open the first page...and then the second... and then the third! Actually pop-up books are ALL fun.
Little Tree sheltered by her mother and aunties...
grew and grew and grew...
until one day Little Tree looked around and saw she was sheltering the older trees.
and she was very happy 

   Sometimes time passes by so quickly that in what seems a blink of an eye the clock has turned full circle... a year has passed... two years, ten years, thirty years or more...and a person finds they have moved through the stages of life...  The Little Tree is about that change in status during a lifetime.. that choreography of being.