Sunday, November 25, 2012

Oyster Love

   All over America the past week has been filled with the preparation for and celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Families have come together.. in many cases traveling many miles... to give thanks ... to share the Thanksgiving commune in love and friendship. Thanksgiving is a time of family and friends. I love hearing all the traditions and stories which are unique to each family. In our family a bushel of fresh oysters is as much a necessity as the twenty pound turkey, the pumpkin pies and the afternoon football game on TV playing in the background. This week's Book of the Week is titled Oyster Love.
Oyster Love.. a family tradition.. 
     Oyster Love is a stiff leaf book made of pastepainted watercolor pages and india ink that is bound with black silk handmade bookcloth.

When the oysters are roasted, they pop open!
Hand cut pages have scalloped pastepainted edges
The story is written with india ink on the pages...
The story goes like this....

Oyster Love

Some folks love oysters
battered and deep fried
to a golden brown.

Some folks love oysters
raw and runny and
tasting of the salty sea.

Some folks love oysters
served on fancy china plates
with shell shaped hollows.

Some folks love oysters
on saltine crackers with horseradish
and fiery hot sauce.

Some folks love oysters
covered with spinach and cheeses
and browned under the broiler.

Some folks love oysters
roasted on an open fire under the stars 
and lit by the autumn moon.

Some folks just love

My husband found a tiny pearl in an oyster this week and gave it to me!
I am so thankful for all I have been given this year ...and always.
I hope you are too.